1 Rocklands Ave, Mount Eden,
Auckland 1024, New Zealand


Monday 5 – 9pm

Tuesday 5 – 9pm

Wednesday 5 – 9pm

Thursday 5 – 9.30pm

Friday 5 – 9.30pm

Saturday 12pm – 9.30pm

Sunday 12pm – 9pm

(+64) 9 600 3076

1 Taro chips with plum sauce 7.5 GF VE

2 Prawn crackers and sweet chili sauce 7

3 Thai style pork belly, with som tum salad, peanuts and mint. 11

4 Free-range lemongrass fried chicken, sriracha mayo, white cabbage and pickled red onion. 11

5 Fried tofu, mayo, crispy white cabbage with a Bangkok style dressing and coriander. 11 V VE optional

6 SII KHRONG MOO YAANG – Thai style pork ribs served with Jaew sauce. 25 Add Jasmine or Sticky Rice 3.5

7 Free-range chicken nibbles with choice of –

– House-made siracha sauce with fried shallots 16.5 HOT

– Sweet and sticky Thai style sauce with fried garlic 16.5

8 Thai style French fries with sriracha mayo. 8 GF VE optional

9 ASIAN GREENS – Stir-fried asian greens in oyster sauce and garlic 17 Add tofu 3.5 GF VE optional or crispy pork 4.5

10 Whole deep-fried snapper served with a sauce of tamarind, garlic and chilli. 37.5 HOT Add Jasmine or Sticky Rice 3.5

11 SOM TUM SALAD – Carrot, papaya, cherry tomato, garlic, chilli, fish sauce, green beans and crushed peanuts. 17 GF VE optional

12 KHAO PHAT MUU – Thai style fried rice with pork mince, egg, spring onion and coriander 14. Add satay sauce 3.5

13 SALAD TAOHOO – Deep fried tofu, beansprouts, carrots, crushed lemongrass, cucumber, coriander, mint, red onion. Served with crushed peanuts & fried shallots on top. 17 GF VE

14 Sticky rice 3.5 GF VE

15 Satay sauce 3.5 VE

16 Jasmine rice 3.5 GF VE

17 Jaew sauce 3.5

18 PHAT THAI THAMADAA – Thin rice noodles cooked in rendered pork fat with tamarind, fish sauce, palm sugar, peanuts, tofu, egg, garlic, chives and bean sprouts, with your choice of: Free range chicken 19.9, Prawn 20.9, or Chicken and prawn 22.9 GF V VE optional Add satay sauce 3.5

19 GAI PAD KEE MAO – Free range chicken, flat rice noodles, bamboo shoots, baby corn, brocolli, chives, fresh chili, kachai, red capsicum, red onion, young green peppers served with basil leaf and lemon 19.9 HOT

20 KHAO SOI KAI – Curry noodle soup with coconut cream and our house-made curry paste, free-range chicken leg served with pickled mustard greens, spring onion and crispy yellow noodles. 19.9

21 BANGBANG BEEF NOODLES – Stir-fried Beef with flat rice noodles, egg, beansprouts, red onion and spring onion. 19.9

22 LARB – Choice of Minced pork or Tofu with aromatic spices and herbs, red onion and garlic. Served with Sticky or Jasmine Rice. 19.9 GF VE

23 KAENG KHEAW WAN NUA – Beef, home-made green curry with brocolli, bamboo shoots, coriander, green beans, red capsicum and served with jasmin rice. 19.9 HOT

24 KISS KISS BUDDHA BOWL – Tofu, split mung beans, crushed galangal, lemongrass, carrots, beansprouts, pickled red onions, white cabbage, mustard greens, coriander, satay sauce and crushed peanuts. 19.9 Add Free-range chicken 4.5 VE optional

25 YUM MOO KROB – Your choice of Spicy and sour pork belly lardons or Free-range chicken mixed with bean sprouts, red onions, cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs topped with fried shallots. Served with Sticky or Jasmine Rice. 19.9

26 Sticky rice and mango (subject to availability) or banana 14 GF VE

27 Doughnuts served with pandan custard. 14 V

28 Deep fried banana with vanilla ice cream, sprinkled with coconut flakes and cocoa powder. 10 GF VE

Piha Locals Lager 10

(1.25L) 35

Brothers Pale Ale 10

(1.25L) 35

Zeffer Crisp Apple Cider 10

Guest Tap [please ask staff for current flavours]

Asahi 9

(Bucket of 4) 32

Tiger 10

(Bucket of 4) 36

Sifi Extra Pale Ale10

Fugazi Hoppy Session Ale (2.2%) 10

Brothers Pilsner 11

Brothers IPA 11

Bourbon: Jim Bean 10, Bulleit 11

Gin: Larios 10, Suntory Roku Japanese Gin 12

Liqueurs: Kahlua 10, Kwai Feh Lychee 10, Fernet-Branca 11, Campari 11, Cointreau 12

Rum: Cachaça 51 10, Stolen Gold Rum 10, Stolen White Rum 10, Kraken Spiced Rum 12

Tequila: Sauza 11

Vodka: Pinnacle 10, Ketel One 12

Whiskey: Canadian Club 10, Jameson 11

Reds: Tempus Two Cabernet Merlot (Australia) 11 40
Luna Pinot Noir (Marlborough) 14 50
Whites: Angove Organic Sauvignon Blanc (Australia) VE 11 40
Tribu Chardonnay (Argentina) 11 40
Rongopai Pinot Gris (Marlborough) 11 44
Rose: Real Compania De Vinos Rosado (Spain) 11 40
Bubbles: Angrove Organic Cuvée Brut (Australia) VE 12 44


500ml Voyage Sparkling Water 8


Apple, Orange, Cranberry, Pineapple 5


Cola-Cola, Coca-Cola, No Sugar, Sprite, Ginger Ale 5.5

House Specialties:

Thai Iced coffee 6

Thai milk tea 6

Peach iced tea 6

Ginger fizz 6

Kombucha – 8 [ask staff for current flavour]

Mocktail: sweet, sour or spicy 8.5

Lemon and Lime bitters 7

Hot Drinks:

Jasmine green tea 3.5

Hot lemon ginger 3.5

Seasonal tea 3.5 [ask staff for current flavour]

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